Our numbers, our people.

The strength and solidity of a company is reflected in its numbers and its people. Numbers speak for themselves, but it is not all about quantity. Control, precision, and a lot of passion are also essential.

In just a few years, the Company was able to double its turnover investing in technology, industry 4.0, and training for young resources, who are stimulated every day to work with enthusiasm and great professionalism.

AGS’s philosophy has always involved investing in people: training and instilling passion and desire to learn are pillars of the Company.

Machinery, Software and Craftsmanship.
Investments between 2018 and 2022.

AGS has always believed in technology. Investing in innovation, choosing state-of-the-art machinery that increases productivity, is essential to answer the needs of a market in constant evolution.

To improve operations and have greater control on production, the Company has adopted an advanced management system that, combined with other innovative programmes, is able to trace production progress and status in the different departments, also guaranteeing the traceability of operators and improving delivery times in the entire production process.

All of this is supported by a well-structured Tooling department, where check templates, welding and bending dies are created. The experience in responding to customer needs allows us to follow the process even in the engineering phase.

New technologies in copper and iron manufacturing

Over the past few years, the Company has increased the number of its machines adding next-generation innovative solutions to ensure the highest quality and quantity standards. Flaring machines, cutting and bending cells, multifunctional work centres, pipe bending machines, autonomous and automated robots, are just part of the equipment that we upgrade regularly.

15 copper islands

30 nc turning machines

8 flaring tool for copper

9 flaring tool for iron-stainless steel

5 copper benders

5 iron-stainless steel benders

5 welding benches

8 automatic welding